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Having spent his career as a sales leader, trainer, and talent scout, Mike Israel has worked with scores of sales organizations over the last two decades and has recognized the need for new approaches and a demand for better hiring outcomes. Unhappy with the approach of most recruiters to plug a "square peg into a round hole," Mike has developed a company that is committed to helping its clients make sales talent management a full-time reality. The firm is committed to helping each and every client upgrade its sales team to 100% "A" players.

Impact Sales Talent has developed its unique approach and methodology based on several guiding principles:

  • Finding and developing talent is the sales manager's primary responsibility
  • Finding top talent starts with meticulously understanding the requirements of the company and the position itself
  • The cost of failed sales people is too great for a company to settle for less than "A" players
  • Determining the true skills, capabilities and fit of a candidate must be intentional, scientific, and rigorous
  • Talent Management is a process not a project

Impact Sales Talent has designed its offerings to replace traditional personnel departments or sales recruiters and to offload the demands that finding and retaining strong sales talent has placed on sales management. We believe that sales talent management must be a full-time job. Our services are designed to help our clients make this a reality.

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