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Impact Sales Talent is a recruitment-process outsourcing firm that concentrates on helping its clients upgrade the quality of its sales organizations to deliver consistent, bottom-line results.

We deliver dependable and repeatable talent acquisition services that help our clients find and attract top sales talent as part of an ongoing strategy to upgrade the quality and contribution of the overall team.

Our services are delivered as a retained service and are built on four crucial elements:

  • Creation of a detailed job profile that is unique from a typical HR job description. This profile takes into account the sales characteristics of the organization, the team environment, and the functional elements of the position.
  • Development of a unique SEARCH matrix that spells out the ideal candidate in terms of:
  • Behavioral and Psychological sales assessments that helps us determine not only whether candidates can sell but whether they will sell.
  • An in-depth interview that is based on Brad Smarts' Top-Grading Methodologies.

While our goal is to work with our clients as an outsourced Talent Manager, we will customize our services in a combination that fits our clients' needs.

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