The Importance of Talent

At Impact Sales Talent we believe that traditional sales recruiting has become obsolete. Companies committed to being the best understand that to have a top-performing sales team they must embark on a continual process. That process is Talent Management.

While we identify and attract talent, we are not recruiters in the traditional sense. We are sales professionals like you. We understand the aggravation of being disappointed in the candidate who interviewed well but who then doesn't perform.

Talent recruitment sounds easy but, let's face it, you don't have the time to tackle this and might not know where to start if you did. But, what if you had a trusted recruitment partner who could make this happen? A partner who would assume full ownership of your sales hiring process, driving the push to build a top-performing sales team. Who would get inside the demands of each position to really understand what success would look like. Who would be devoted around the clock to helping you build a pool of talent from which to draw so there would be no more last minute "plug-the-hole" hires. Who would use the most scientific and proven best practices to locate, screen, and evaluate talent to make sure that the chances of making a bad hire became minimal. In short, who would become your talent scout, recruiter and project manager for ensuring that you will be able to field the best team possible. 

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